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While we thank everyone for contributing to the Vision to Video Campaign, we would like to give special acknowledgement to our TOP 5  Supporters. 

Little did we know, a few weeks later, our VIDEO LIVESTREAM would be THE ONLY WAY our ministry would be seen, heard, and experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 25th we stepped out on faith to raise 10K TO TAKE OUR VISION TO VIDEO with optimal quality. WATCH OUR VIDEO, see our progress, and SOW A SEED INTO GREAT GROUND! We need your support. Campaign caps on April 30th...let's gooo!.

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​​In January 2020, our "Year of FOCUS" began. At the very onset, we placed our attention upon every aspect of the ministry to realize what we could sharpen and fine tune (FOCUS). Immediately, we were convicted by what we could SEE and HEAR. Our livestream video ministry was a total disappointment and misrepresentation of excellence. Pastor's frustration had surmounted. He immediately called for the VIDEO MINISTRY TO LINE UP WITH THE VISION in saying that it would be a detriment to God's work in The Citadel if we were to continue on with substandard quality. 


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